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Progeny Vantage

De OPG Progeny Vantage met een CCD sensor. Inbegrepen met de software MAC voor Ipad en Iphone.

The Progeny application gives you access to anything you need to know about a Progeny product or service. View brochures, sample x-ray images, videos, and more. Also included is a complete simulation for Progeny's Vantage Panoramic (Formerly named VantageSim) all available on your iOS device!

Download de IPAD software


De voordelen van de OPG Progeny Vantage

• 3 lasers voor de positionnering
• Composation au niveau des vertèbres cervicales
• Kv et mA instelbaar met automatische functie
• Software voor opname en patienten inbegrepen
• Upgradable met Tele


Technische specificaties

Generator: High Frequency, Constant Potential
Filtration: 3.2mmAL
Line Current: 15A at 120VAC, 8A at 230VAC
Sensor Type: CCD Digital
SID: 500mm
Focal Spot: 0.5mm
mA: 4 - 14 mA
kV: 54 - 84 kV
Spinal Compensation: Automatic kV Adjustment
Patient Entry: Configurable at Install
Programs: Adult Panoramic
Enhanced Panoramic
TMJ, Open and Closed
Pediatric Panoramic
Verticle Segmentation
Control: LCD Touch Screen
Minimum height for device: 5'4" (165 cm)
Maximum height for device: 7'9" (236 cm)
Mounting Options: Wall-Mount bracket
Floor installation base (optional)
Weight 220lbs (99.79 kg)
Ceph Upgrade Capability
Workstation Specifications*
Computer : Pentium class processor
OS: Windows 7 or greater
Software: Progeny Imaging
Progeny TWAIN
Monitor: High resolution 1080p, flat screen












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